During a worldwide recession in 1954, Hubert Wulf and his wife, Marianne, established ADO Gardinenwerke in the small, northern rural town of Aschendorf, Germany. ADO Gardinenwerke succeeded in part due to the Wulf’s unparalleled vision and innovative ideas; however, the most important factor was ADO’s technical superiority and commitment to manufacture using only the finest materials to the highest quality standards.

Upon the success of ADO Gardinenwerke, Mr. Wulf envisioned an expansion across the Atlantic Ocean. Rather than merely import the finest fabrics to the United States, he dedicated himself to importing the technical expertise required to manufacture the best fabrics and window treatments. Thus, in 1979 ADO Corporation was born.

Today, flair21 continues this tradition of excellence with the same unwavering commitment to using only the finest materials — under stringent manufacturing techniques and quality control procedures — thereby maintaining its industry leadership in wide-width fabrics and custom-made window treatments.

In order to meet the demands of today’s face-paced economy—where quick turnaround is the expectation even for custom-made products like our fabric and window treatments—ADO Corporation became flair21. flair21 was born with the introduction of our new quick-ship fabric collection. At the same time, we continue to offer the ADO Goldkante and Decor54 designer fabric collections.

flair21 is our new collection of wide-width sheer and drapery weight fabrics with designs and colorways developed specifically for you, the modern designer. Best of all, this quick-ship collection is available from our inventory and workroom for guaranteed quick turnaround on cut yardage and finished treatments. It includes our core sheer designs, that have driven our success for the past 35+ years, plus our 3 top-selling faux linens, a new IFR room-darkening fabric, 7 reintroduced designs with updated colorways and 17 brand new designs.

But this is just the beginning for flair21. Our quick-ship collection will continue to grow as we develop and produce new modern and classic designs to suit your clients unique window treatment needs.

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Vertical Wrap

Fashion and function are harmoniously combined in this practical, yet elegant custom window treatment. Our vertical wrap unites the tight-stacking functionality of vertical blinds with the light-diffusing elegance of sheer draperies. This ingenious fusion of hard and soft window treatments gives you unmatched privacy, light control and stylish performance.

Panel Glide

Whether you’re looking for a sleek window treatment or unique room divider, flair21 panel track systems add a dash of modern, minimalist drama to your décor. Panel glides are a versatile and functional solution for both large and small expanses. No matter its function—window treatment or room divider—panel tracks are ideal for a clean, polished look in restaurants, airports, office buildings and residential spaces


From classic flat roman shades to intricate shirred austrian shades, flair21 offers a variety of styles in an array of fabric options to suit your personal style and needs. Simple, yet sophisticated, fabric shades can complement and soften the clean, sleek lines of modern furnishings or enhance the plush, cozy feel of a more traditional interior. With 11 different styles to choose from, there is a fabric shade tailored to your specific décor.