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Alpha Shutters & Blinds provides window treatments from a variety of top manufacturers.

Our philosophy is simple, give our customers options that provide style, function and value across a wide range of manufacturers.   Our process of vetting suppliers is based on three criteria —


Quality is more than just providing a fantastic shutter, blinds and shades.  From the ordering process to packaging, we examine all the little things that really matter.  Among those are fit and finish, ability of the product to perform over time and clean-ability. 


Window treatments are an important investment in your home or office.  Value is more that just the initial cost.  It is where Quality, Cost and Service meet.  We make sure our suppliers work to accommodate your expectations.


Service is by far the hardest to evaluate.  Over time, we understand which manufacturers truly provide service and those that do not.  Over the last five years, there have been major changes in how some companies handle customer service.  There are even two major window treatment suppliers that do not provide service that is suitable for Alpha Shutters & Blinds customers.  Because of this, we do not handle every major brand available.

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From over 22 years of experience, we have selected the following companies.  Just click on the logo to find out more about them.